CROFT Rules and Policies




RULE I:  Every member who chooses to demonstrate must pass an audition before a jury of 3 (three) Master or Trades Master before being accepted as a performer for and CROFT performances/demonstrations.  The Costume Forum must approve all new costumes.  Any new type of clothing must be submitted along with supporting documentation, including a minimum of 3 (three) sources.  (10/99 Organization)


RULE II:  No participating members who are minors may volunteer to attend a demonstration/performance, lecture, workshop or class without a sponsoring adult member in attendance.  (10/99 Organization)


RULE III:  The sponsor or sponsor team of an event has the final say on determining which members may participate.  The sponsor also makes all decisions regarding time period, costuming and number of demonstrators.  (10/99 Organization)


RULE IV:  Members may choose the level of participation that is appropriate for them.  There are 4 (four) levels of participation:





            TRADES MASTER


The Participation Guidelines (Rule V) describes the requirements to achieve the four levels of participation.  Once a specific level has been achieved, the member will not drop below that level in that trade or craft unless their membership dues are lapsed or they resign and later rejoin.  (10/99 Organization)


RULE V:   The Participation Guidelines are as follows:



Sponsorship by a current member

Attend 3 (three) Gatherings per year

Attend 1 (one) craft or performance workshops per year, which may include costuming workshop

Attend costuming workshop, class or lecture



Attend 4 (four) General Gatherings per year

Attend 1 (one) craft or performance workshops per year

Demonstrate working knowledge of trade or craft

Complete a midlife project for trade or craft



Attend 4 (four) General Gatherings per year

Complete Master project

Complete 3 (three) of the following:

            1-  Be an officer

            2-  Sit on a committee

            3-  Attend 2 (two) workshops or demonstrations

            4-  Sponsor or mentor 2 (two) new members

            5-  Sponsor 2 (two) workshops




Achieve Master in 2 (two) different trades or crafts

(10/99) Organization)


RULE VI:  Definition of workshop, class and lecture.

            A Workshop is a learning and participation experience that only needs one occasion to complete the subject matter.

            A Class  is a learning and participation experience that must be spread across several occasions in order to adequately complete the subject matter, e.g., classes are like multiple Workshops on various elements of the same general subject.

            A Lecture is a learning experience that only needs one occasion to complete, however, it does not involve a participatory style of learning, e.g., it is not a “hands on” experience, it is a one-time presentation experience.

(10/99 Organization)


RULE VII:  No smoking, drinking alcohol or use of any illegal drugs is acceptable during any CROFT sponsored demonstration. (10/99 Organization)


RULE VIII:  All fees for demonstrations will be divided as follows.  After all outstanding accounts for the event are settled, 15% of the total fee will go to CROFT, with the balance being evenly distributed among all demonstrators based on the total number of days each individual qualified for Per Diem.  To be eligible for Per Diem, each member must have demonstrated his/her craft on the CROFT site either 4 (four) hours or ˝ the length of the event, whichever is less.  (10/99 Organization)


RULE IX:  The term “mail” will refer to either regular postal or email. (10/99 Organization)


RULE X:  All Multi-Weekend Events of more than 2 (two) days shall have a Liaison as a point of contact for the sponsor.  Large Events may have separate cosponsors. (8/12/00 – Organizational)


RULE XI:  An annual committee will be appointed to sponsor the Twelfth Night event in conjunction with the Local Yokels.  This event may include dinner and entertainment.  (8/12/00 – Organizational)


RULE XII:  Guest Players.  Any individual who is not a member of CROFT may accompany a member to any demonstration as long as the individual is appropriately dressed, agrees to abide by all CROFT rules, is sponsored by an adult member who is attending the demonstration and is approved to attend by the sponsor of the event.  Any Guest Player who wants to attend the Arizona Renaissance Festival must have an approved demonstrational craft or trade and meet costume requirements.  The limit for events shall be 3 (three) days per calendar year.  (8/12/00 – Organizational)


RULE XIII:  Any one belonging to an affiliated group may sell their approved crafts in the CROFT shop, with 20% of the sales to go to CROFT.  (8/12/00 – Organizational)


RULE XIV:  The due date for all membership renewals shall be changed to January 1 of every year, to coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year. (4/14/01 – Organizational)


AMENDED TO:  The due date for all membership renewals shall be changed to January 1 of every year.  No one may participate in the Arizona Renaissance Festival unless his/her dues are current.  (1/5/02 – Organizational)


RULE XV:  Any CROFT member who carries the banner in the parade(s) at the Arizona Renaissance Festival is eligible for ˝ day Per Diem with no further demonstration time required on site.  (4/14/01 – Organizational)


RULE XVI:  Any CROFT member who acts as Storekeeper is eligible for Per Diem after watching the store for either 4 hours or ˝ the length of the event, which ever is less.  (3/01 – Organization)


RULE XVII:  Any CROFT member who acts as Scullery is eligible for Per Diem upon the cook’s discretion that either 4 hours or ˝ of the length of the event, which ever is less, was met in kitchen assistance.  (3/01 – Organization)