If your student or youth group is interested in the history and society of  Medieval Celtic peoples, CROFT can bring history to life.

Depending on the number of  attendees, and the time and space available, CROFT can provide one Celtic character; a couple or small family; or a group representing many aspects of Celtic Life. Choose Medieval Ireland; Medieval Scotland; or perhaps a taste of both cultures.

Our re-enactors are authentically costumed, with the everyday posessions and tools of that time; and  portray domestic life, crafts and trades from Medieval Ireland and Scotland. Giving an insight into what life was like in the past, CROFT demonstrations are highly interactive with opportunities for attendees to handle materials and use household objects and tools of the period. For select groups, participants at some demonstrations have an opportunity to create an item to take away.


Fibre to Fabric
Wool from sheep, linen from flax; how they are cleaned, dyed, spun and woven. Try spinning, try different types of weaving. Take away stick weaving.
Clothes and Homes
The clothes people wore and how they were made; their everyday domestic lives, homes and possessions. Dress up in Celtic clothes, play with Celtic toys.
How  a wide range of household items, toys, containers and tools were made out of wood. Try woodturning.
Leather was widely used for shoes, belts, pouches and containers, even clothing. Make and take away a Medieval purse.
The skills of the blacksmith, silver smith and coppersmith or the coin maker. Make and take away a cloak pin or brooch, or strike and take away replica coins.
Writing and Decoration
The materials - quill pen, ink, paper and parchment - styles of Medieval writing, illumination and art. Write with a quill pen. Take away a nameplate or bookmark.
Gathering and growing foods in season, preserving and cooking food; natural remedies; making soap and candles or rush-lights. Dip and take away a wax candle.
Myth and Legend
The storyteller (shanachie - SHAN-a-key) tells the myths and legends of Celtic history and describes the laws and customs of Celtic society.

CROFT asks for a small contribution from school groups to offset CROFT re-enactors' travel, and the costs of demonstration materials.
There is no charge for non-profit youth or church groups.
Materials for items for attendees to make and take away are charged at cost.

For more information; details of charges; or to discuss the possible size, location and dates of an event, or make a booking:
contact the CROFT Education Co-ordinator: email   phone